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Cash Desk- Lakeside Pharmacy Design Concept_Hatch Interior Design Blog
One of our projects in progress; Lakeside Medicine Centre Pharmacy’s cash desk evokes a modern-heritage style that incorporates old apothecary drawer inspiration complete with a custom apothecary bottle light fixture above.

Hatch’s interior design services were recently retained by Lakeside Medicine Centre Pharmacy, located in Kelowna’s Guisachan Village. Lakeside Pharmacy has been serving Kelowna since 1973, and since, has continued to grow their outreach to include a wide range of medication distribution throughout the Okanagan.

Their moto, “We take the time to care”, is evident when you visit their practice. They have managed to resist becoming retail focused by maintaining a small variety of over-the-counter medications and vitamins, as well as first aid products. But you will not find beauty products here. Instead they offer in-depth, one-on-one counseling to their customers, as well as foot, continence, ostomy and wound care.

Old Pharmacy_Zurich- Lakeside Pharmacy Design Concept_Hatch Interior Design Blog
In apothecaries dating back centuries, like this one in Zurich, it was common to see all kinds of measuring instruments, multi-drawer millwork used to store medical ingredients, and glass bottles holding liquid elixirs.

Through our visioning sessions with Lakeside they let us know that they were interested in incorporating a sense of history into their space to both reflect their over 40 years of service and to highlight the rich past of their industry. Hatch set out to devise a concept that would meld history and present day together in a way that communicated Lakeside’s client centric and innovative approach, while infusing a nod to the past in a modern way.

Apothecary Bottles and Ad -Lakeside Pharmacy Design Concept_Hatch Interior Design Blog
We love the look and historic feel that these types of old bottles and ads can contribute to the conceptual design of Lakeside Pharmacy.

Have you done any research into apothecaries? We started our research here and found some really interesting information and imagery. Some product names, labels and ads of medical elixirs and ingredients are still familiar to us today, while others conjure feelings of sorcery and magic. Many indicate that contents are poison, or make dubious inferences on how they can cure varying ailments. Lakeside Pharmacy is a far cry from witchery and potions, but the apothecary history provides a lot to draw from!

Old Dubious Medication-Ads-Lakeside Pharmacy Design Concept_Hatch Interior Design Blog
For comic relief, a couple of examples of some funny ads from back in the day for medications. For a chuckle, follow this link to read more about the dubious claims of these two ads, along with many more.

If you are a regular reader of our blog you know that designing to strengthen a unique brand is the name of the game at Hatch Interior Design. The design of your business’ interior should communicate to your clients who you are and help you to stand out amongst your competition. For Lakeside Pharmacy, that translates into a modern-heritage style space that communicates the innovative and modern medical aspects of their practice, while also communicating their dedication to exemplary customer service from practitioners who genuinely care about the health of their clients. It also means creating an atmosphere that is comfortable for customers of all ages and tells a story of pharmacies then and now.

Material Selection Lakeside Pharmacy Design Concept_Hatch Interior Design Blog
The finish palette has been selected to work with Lakeside Pharmacy’s upcoming updated brand, and reflects the modern-heritage concept.

The finish selection for Lakeside Pharmacy was carefully thought out to provide a modern twist on a heritage interior. Wide plank, wood-look LVT flooring is reminiscent of solid wood flooring of the past, while the black patterned accent LVT modernizes and highlights specific areas in the space. Colour will be brought into the space through the modern style fixtures and some imagery on the walls. Brick veneer will be applied to a few walls to help balance the contemporary aesthetic of the retail fixtures, and 3Form panels with the classic medical plus sign will act as translucent screens designed to obscure, but not totally block, sight lines throughout the store.

Consult and Dispensary -Lakeside Pharmacy Design Concept_Hatch Interior Design Blog
The consultation area is one of the most important in this project as it is where the pharmacists have a chance to talk in-depth with their clients prior to dispensing their medications.

Retail -Lakeside Pharmacy Design Concept_Hatch Interior Design Blog
The limited retail space will exhibit contemporary fixtures paired with historic elements to achieve a modern-heritage style.

We are still working out some of the details for this project slated to start construction early July. Once we have a finished product we look forward to sharing it with you!

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