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Storefront-Window-Door-Designs as featured on the Hatch Blog - LOCALLY MANUFACTURED BUILDING MATERIALS PART 6: DOORS AND WINDOWS

The doors and windows for each storefront shown above are designed in very different ways, with very unique styles, but all help to communicate a brand message. Did you know that you don’t have to shop the world for that perfect window or door? Look for locally manufactured building materials that can help you achieve the look you need.

In part 6 of our series featuring locally manufactured materials we’re going to take a look at windows and doors. Your front door is the gateway to your home or business so it should say a little bit about who you are when it welcomes visitors. Windows provide the users of your space with that ever-important connection to the outdoors all the while enticing your customers to come inside. Door hardware is the finishing touch that allows you to highlight your personal style or business brand. Did you know that all of these important elements: windows, doors and hardware, could be sourced through local manufacturers? It’s true, and we’ll tell you about a few companies making these components right here in the Okanagan.

Doors and Windows

Windows by Berdick Windows and Doors as featured on the Hatch Blog - LOCALLY MANUFACTURED BUILDING MATERIALS PART 6: DOORS AND WINDOWS

If you’re looking for high quality vinyl doors and windows, Berdick Windows and Doors in Penticton, BC have what you need.

Berdick Windows and Doors
Specializing in all-vinyl products, Berdick Windows and Doors offers quality products and great value for your dollar all right here in sunny Penticton, BC. Operating since 1972, windows and doors from Berdick are Energy Star certified with low-e or argon gas. Why vinyl? Well, vinyl windows and doors are easy to maintain, do not swell or shrink due to moisture, and have high insulating qualities. Sound good? Then check out Berdick Windows and Doors for your next project.

N.A.P. Windows and Doors Ltd.
In Kelowna? No problem. N.A.P. Windows and Doors in Kelowna, BC have been manufacturing vinyl products since 1969 with applications in both residential and commercial sectors. Their windows and doors have been designed specifically for the extreme climates of Northern Canada. They offer a range of products to meet Energy Star requirements based on the climate zones. Whether you are building a small carriage house or a high-end home, N.A.P. has a series to fit your budget. Ask your builder to consider N.A.P. Windows and Doors for your next project.


Wood windows can be sourced locally as discussed on the Hatch Blog - LOCALLY MANUFACTURED BUILDING MATERIALS PART 6: DOORS AND WINDOWS

There’s just something about wood windows that conjure a sense of quality. Did you know that you can source them from a local Kelowna based manufacturer?

Glenmore Millwork
Prefer the look and feel of wood windows? Then the only manufacturer of wood windows in the Kelowna area, Glenmore Millwork, has what you need. They offer a wide selection of styles from casement windows to bay windows and everything in between, and they offer a selection of stain finishes as well. If you’re looking for wood windows, buy direct from the manufacturer and support your local community – check out Glenmore Millwork’s showroom on Laurel Ave. in Kelowna.

Door Hardware and Handles

A variety of doorhandles for a custom look as featured on the Hatch Blog - LOCALLY MANUFACTURED BUILDING MATERIALS PART 6: DOORS AND WINDOWS

A door handle, although a small detail, can express a great deal about your business to your customer. To get that custom look, we think the best place to start is with local manufacturers.

Southwest Forge & Door Ltd.
Looking for high quality door hardware with a bit of hand crafted character? Then look no further than Southwest Forge located right here in Summerland, BC. Their style and finish options are abundant; we know you’ll find what you’re looking for whether it be cast or forged items. The next time you need hardware, support local talent, check out Southwest Forge first.

Huge modern pivot door as featured on the Hatch Blog - LOCALLY MANUFACTURED BUILDING MATERIALS PART 6: DOORS AND WINDOWS

Remember, whatever you’re looking for, start your search locally. You may be surprised how often you can find what you need right out your front door.

So, when you need new windows, doors or door hardware, we ask you to consider supporting a local manufacturer; there are so many of them right here in the Okanagan.

Have a favourite local manufacturer? Let us know and we may feature them in an upcoming entry.

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