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DIRTT office installation as featured on the Hatch Blog - LOCALLY MANUFACTURED MATERIALS PART 7: DIRTT AND SPIDER
The DIRTT system is changing the way we build our interiors. Read on to learn more about their products.

We had a chance to tour the Kelowna DIRTT and Spider Agile Technology Green Learning Center recently and we must say that we are very excited about these products! Not only are they locally manufactured, there are many other attributes that make this construction system a great choice for sustainable design.


DIRTT is a forward thinking company who have taken a step back to intelligently address waste and flexibility issues surrounding conventional construction methods. The name says it all, DIRTT stands for Doing It Right This Time; upon learning more about this company, we would have to agree. While meeting at the Green Learning Center our rep explained the system and it became clear that this is not just another systems furniture line, rather a new method of construction. DIRTT is ever evolving and increasing their product line through their love for tackling problems and providing solutions. Their demountable partition systems are completely customizable and easily rearranged for ultimate adaptability. DIRTT has been used on a variety of project types including office, health care, hospitality and retail.

DIRTT office installations as featured on the Hatch Blog - LOCALLY MANUFACTURED MATERIALS PART 7: DIRTT AND SPIDER
Two examples of the DIRTT system from their own headquarters. Check out the angled mullions – the options are endless.

The wall panels for the DIRTT system are manufactured in Calgary, AB. Each custom panel is manufactured and shipped to site for a relatively easy installation. This greatly reduces waste generated when using the conventional stud and drywall construction. When a space is no longer meeting the needs of it’s tenant, the DIRTT partitions can simply be reconfigured and reorganized. This again eliminates large amounts of drywall going to the landfill, saves valuable construction time and is much easier on the wallet than conventional methods. But what about the electrical you ask? They’ve got that figured out too. And figured out well. They utilize Spider Agile Technology’s brilliant electrical and communication system, read on to learn more about them.

DIRTT healthcare and office installations as featured on the Hatch Blog - LOCALLY MANUFACTURED MATERIALS PART 7: DIRTT AND SPIDER
The DIRTT system has been used in a wide variety of project types including healthcare and office environments as shown here.

DIRTT philosophy: “Our products and methods allow for mass customization yet use less material, create less waste and provide more function and aesthetics than traditional construction. Our clients receive a unique, long-lasting physical space that adapts to their culture, business and ongoing strategy. We realize this philosophy flies in the face of selling products designed for disposal and forcing you to buy more. We’re OK with that.” They also have a killer employee culture, just another reason to love this product!

Spider Agile Technology

Spider Agile Technology is located in Kelowna, BC and has been in business since 1991. They have become the pioneer in modular, plug and play power solutions. They have designed modular power components allowing for much faster installation and reconfiguration without the cost of many expert trades, and they do it without producing material waste. DIRTT saw the beauty of what Spider was doing and partnered with them for all of their wall panel power needs. Spider has a wide variety of products to accommodate any situation, whether you need power in your walls, floors, furniture or ceilings, Spider has you covered.

Spider technology integrated with DIRTT modular wall systems as featured on the Hatch Blog - LOCALLY MANUFACTURED MATERIALS PART 7: DIRTT AND SPIDER
The image on the left illustrates how Spider Agile Technology systems work into DIRTT wall panel and access floor products, and on the right how the system connects to the electrical panel from which the plug and play components extend.

Have a favourite local manufacturer? Let us know and we may feature them in an upcoming entry.

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